Fruit Trees and Nut Trees

Fruit and Nut Trees For Sale

Fall fruit trees are for sale in Wimberley, Texas, at King Feed Garden and Hardware. Fall and Winter are the perfect times to plant your Fruit Trees in the Texas Hill Country. If you need some advice on taking care of your fruit trees during winter, then you should click here to read more. Cleaning up fallen fruit and leaves are the two best things you can do for your fruit trees!

You can find the following Fruit Trees for sale in our Wimberley garden and nursery.
Apple Trees
Blackberry Bushes
Blueberry Bushes
Fig Trees
Grape Vines
Nectarine Trees
Peach Trees
Pear Trees
Pecan Trees
Plum Trees
Pomegranate Trees

Fruit and Nut Tree Products

You can also find all the products you need to care for your fruit trees at our store. We carry fertilizers, tools, and insect control for fruit. You can also buy these products in Organic or regular styles. We also carry Nematodes, which are great at defending your fruit from beetles.

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