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At King Feed, you can look through a diverse selection of regular and organic animal feed. Do you need a bulk order of Alfalfa Hay, Coastal Hay, feed, or deer corn? If so, we are happy to help by delivering it to your location or loading at our store. We also have aisles dedicated to horses, chickens, and supplements for all the animals you have on your farm. For instance, our feed store has products specifically for Mini Horse, Horse, Cattle, Lamb, Goat, Llama, Alpaca, Mini Pig, Pig, Pond Fish, Rabbit, Guinea pig, Hamster, Ferret, Chickens, Deer, Ducks, Game Bird, and Sheep. Above all, we are happy to try and make a special order if we don’t have the feed you need. Do you prefer to give your animals organic feed? If so, we carry several different kinds of organic feed for farm and ranch animals.

We are a trusted Purina Feed Retailer. Plus, we carry several brands of Texas made feed. Chaffhaye, which is a non gmo alfalfa hay is another popular product you can specifically find at our feed store.

Are you looking for special feed such as Purina Honor Show or even Monkey feed? If so, we can special order the exact feed you need for your animal. We are your feed store that will go the extra mile to help you!

king feed is an animal feed store located in wimberley, texas

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