Like all strawberries, Ozark Beauty strawberry plants prefer full sun, about an inch of water per week, and slightly acidic soil. While a pH of 5.3 to 6.5 is ideal for this variety, they will still do well in soil with a pH anywhere from 5.0 to 7.0. At their full, mature height, they will be between 8 inches and 1 foot tall and spread to about a foot. Since Ozark Beauty strawberry plants are everbearers, planting them can yield two crops of strawberries: one in the late spring/early summer and another in the fall. Most of the suppliers who offer strawberry plants for sale online will ship in the early spring for spring planting. For June-bearing strawberries, this generally means that flowers should be removed and fruit should be foregone in year one to maximize plant health and future yields. However, for everbearing strawberry plants like Ozark Beauty, the removal of the initial flush of flowers doesn’t preclude all harvests for the year. With appropriate care, they will produce a late harvest meaning the fruits of one’s labor can be enjoyed the same year as the Ozark Beauty strawberry plants were planted. Notable Features of Ozark Beauty Strawberry Plant & Strawberries
Very Hardy and Adaptable
Excellent (and Popular) Choice for Home Gardeners
Considered by Many to Be the Best Ever-bearing Variety
Good Choice for Canning, Freezing, Preserves, and Jams/Jellies They generally grow extremely well in zones 4 through 8, and can even perform in zones 3 and 9. They are particularly well-suited for more northern climates and the higher elevations in the south. With appropriate care, Ozark Beauty strawberries can survive winter temperatures to -30 degrees.