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Pet Grooming In Wimberley, Texas

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Pet Grooming By Appointment Only

Open Tuesday — Saturday 9 am to 5 pm. Please click to call or schedule an appointment through Facebook.

Pet Grooming was the newest addition to the King Feed building in 2021. In the King Feed Pet Grooming department, we can handle up to 10 pets at one time. Our head groomer Ashley has over 10 years of experience grooming dogs, cats, and small pets. It should be no surprise that our customers love getting their pets groomed here because of the clear communication provided by Ashley’s team. A clean pet is always a happier pet in our eyes. Plus, keeping your pet groomed is a great way for you to see how healthy they look. Bring your pet to the store for grooming, bathing, nail trimming or grinding, teeth cleaning, or ear cleaning. You can also bring your bird in to get its wings clipped.

Pet Grooming For Dogs, Cats, and Small Pets

We Offer Pet Bathing Services

Professional pet baths are a great way to keep your pet healthy all year. As mentioned above, our team has over 10 years of experience bathing pets of all shapes and sizes. You can feel confident dropping your pet off for a bath at King Feed. Plus, our bath services help protect your pet against fleas, ticks, cysts, or any dry patches. If your pet smells bad or has clumps of crazy hair, then a professional pet bath is what we recommend. While we bathe your pet, we comb out any knots they have in their hair. We care about pets, which is why we always inform our clients if we notice anything new or unhealthy on their animal’s coat. Please schedule your appointment by calling or emailing Ashley.

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Pet Grooming – Dog and Cat Nail Trimming

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Dog and cat nails can get way too long if we don’t give them a nice little trim. Bring your adorable pet down to King Feed to get its nails trimmed. We will trim and smooth your dog or cats nails to make sure they don’t scratch the floor, you, or themselves. At times, we do have to get out our pet safe nail grinder to get the job done. Not to worry, we have experience keeping pets calm while using this device.

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Teeth Cleaning Services For Pets

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Teeth cleaning is another service that we offer at King Feed Pet Grooming. Plus, it will help your cat or dog have better smelling breath. Cleaning the teeth of a cat or dog is something that we have perfected over the last ten years. Plus, dog and cat dental disease has serious consequences, which is why maintaining your pet’s dental care is very important. Similar to humans, dogs and cats can have plaque build up on their teeth. If that plaque turns to tartar below the gumline, then it could cause inflammation and infections.

Did You Hear, We Offer Ear Cleanings

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Cleaning your dogs ears often is good for them! Plus, it helps your dog stay away from a pesky ear infection. If your dog is constantly wet and dirty, then a professional ear cleaning is always a good idea.

We Are Open Tuesday -- Saturday 9 am to 5 pm. Please don't call the King Feed store, the Grooming Salon's phone number is below.

We are by appointment only! Please click to call or schedule an appointment through Facebook.