Bougainvillea, Barbara Karst (Red) is one of the most captivating blooming vines used around Texas. Native to South America, these thorny woody vines grow up to 30 feet long in warm climates; semi-evergreens that drop their leaves in colder climates. Popular in hanging baskets or containers so that they can be protected in the colder regions as freezing temperatures can kill them.

The flowers themselves are small and white, however they are surrounded by multiple bracts that are papery feeling to the touch available in variety of colors, from white, pink, peach, reds. Relatively pest-free plants, with best flowering occurring when roots are crowded, making them ideal for container planting. Watering less also induces more flowering, but don’t starve it. Bougainvillea thrives on regular fertilization and tolerates short periods of droughts. Characteristics & Attributes

Deer Tolerance
• Medium
• Full Sun
• Semi Evergreen
• Tropical
Water Needs
• Low