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Summer Flowers - King Feed 2024

Best Garden Center, Pet Food, and Animal Feed

In Wimberley, Texas

King Feed and Hardware is the oldest retail store in the beautiful town of Wimberley, Texas. Currently, the indoor sections of the main building are closed due to a fire in January of 2024. Our team has worked hard to get a small mobile indoor section that includes animal feed, pet food, pet supplies, outdoor bird food, outdoor bird supplies, mosquito repellents, fly repellants, fertilizers, soils, and some landscaping tools. Most importantly, the biggest and best outdoor garden center and plant nursery in Wimberley is still open. As soon as the seasons change in the Great State of Texas, so does our plant inventory. Right now, that means plants that are drought-resistant, enjoy the sun, or need little water. Our garden store has annuals, indoor plants, succulents, cacti, vegetables, herbs, flowers, bushes, perennials, trees, pottery, yard art, and outdoor furniture. Lastly, we are a pet-friendly and kid-friendly store.

May Garden Center and Plant Nursery Popular Products

fox farms happy frog soil conditioner
on sale: strawberry fields potting soil
fox farms happy frog potting soil
fruit trees king feed and hardware
Fruit Tree and Citrus Trees
mosquito repellent plants king feed wimberley texas
Mosquito Repellent, Full Sun, Drought Resistant
texas mountain laurel king feed wimberley texas
Texas Mountain Laurel

Current Sections Available To Browse In 2024

By clicking the image below, you will stay on the King Feed website to visually see each department at our store.

garden store wimberley, texas king feed and hardware

Garden & Nursery

birdseed sale wimberley texas november 2022

Outdoor Bird Seed

pottery 2024 king feed wimberley


garden decor king feed wimberley texas

Garden Decor

plumbing supplies wimberley texas


Popular Departments

Our Customer Favorites

A Wimberley Farm and Ranch Retail Store

Feed is in the store name. For this reason, it should be no surprise that we have a diverse selection of ranch feed, animal supplements, tools, and farm supplies. Most importantly, you will find products specifically for Mini Horse, Horse, Cattle, Lamb, Goat, Llama, Alpaca, Mini Pig, Pig, Pond Fish, Rabbit, Guinea pig, Hamster, Ferret, Chickens, Deer, Ducks, Game Bird, and Sheep. We are a local Purina Feed dealer, which means you can get all their feed here.

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The farm and ranch supplies that you can find at the store are specifically used by our employees and owners. We know what products will particularly help you and your family live a little bit easier farm life. You can also count on the fact that we will have the products you need to keep your livestock and animals healthy all year. Customers visit our store for stock tanks, deer feeders, chicken supplies, dewormers, fly control, needles/syringes, fence supplies, and critter traps. If you need ranch tools, equipment, or other supplies to run your ranch, then you can find those too.

Pet Store

Pet supplies are back at our pet store in Wimberley, Texas. We currently don’t carry as much food or supplies as we did before the store fire. However, you can browse dog and cat food, treats, natural bones, refrigerated food, supplies, grooming and cleaning supplies, and health and wellness products.

cat supplies near me
natural dog bones

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King Feed and Hardware

Yes! King Feed Garden and Hardware locally owned by two owners in Wimberley, Texas. Most importantly , Bryan Toifl was raised in Wimberley, Texas. He even graduated from the WISD  Wimberley, Texas. Laurie Ward also lives in Wimberley, Texas.

Yes! King Feed Garden and Hardware is a True Value store. This means you can order certain True Value products and have them shipped to the store.

Yes! You can purchase refrigerated dog food and refrigerated cat food in our pet store section. Most importantly, we will always have the products to keep your pets healthy.

Yes! The King Feed Garden are Hardware store always has hay. We are an animal feed store, so we always have Alfalfa Hay, Coastal Hay, and Chaffhaye – Non GMO Alfalfa Hay.

Yes! Please be sure to ask which brands are included in the royalty program.

Yes! Firstly, we want to help you spoil your pets as much as possible. Which is exactly why you can find natural bones and treats for dogs and cats at our pet store. Dog owners absolutely love to give their dog’s or small, medium, or massive size bones.

Yes! You can browse a whole section for bird products. In this section, you will find bird seed, bird feeders, Hummingbird feeders, bird houses, bird cages, etc.

Yes! If the Organic Vegetables are in season to be planted, then you can find them at the store. We also have regular (non-organic) vegetables in the garden center.

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