Mazuri Alpaca Complete Life is a nutrient-dense formula to support the complete life of growing, breeding, Suri, or senior alpacas; or for weight management. Designed to be fed with free-choice grass hay and/or pasture.



Wimberley Feed Store

You can find Mazuri Llama Chews at the King Feed and Hardware store in Wimberley, Texas. The Mazuri Llama Chews are a mini-cubed supplement that contain a blend of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and yeast cultures to meet the nutritional needs of llamas fed hay or pasture.


  • Mazuri Llama Chews Mini-cube – May help increases chewing time and is easy to feed, minimizing waste.
  • Calcium and phosphorus levels appropriate for llamas fed grass hay, alfalfa or pasture.
  • Mazuri Llama Chews Have Added vitamin E and selenium – Reduce or eliminate the need to supplement or inject.
  • Low feeding rate – Maximizes potential cost efficiency.
  • Mazuri Llama Chews Are Fortified with organic minerals – Provides increased mineral availability.
  • Meets NRC recommendations for New World Camelids.
  • No distillers dried grains and solubles – Reduces risk of mycotoxin contamination.

Product Form: Mini-Cube size: 1/4″ diameter x 3/4″ length.

Product Size: 50 lb. net weight paper sack.