Garden and Nursery

The Best Garden Center Wimberley, Texas

The best and biggest garden center and nursery to visit in Wimberley, Texas, is at King Feed. As shown above, we have a lot of beautiful plants, pottery, trees, yard art, and outdoor furniture. Although, we might be a little biased with the “best” claim. We do have the largest garden section in this beautiful town. Overall, most of our outdoor garden section has shade produced by beautiful Oak Trees to block out the hot Texas sun. You will love browsing our deer-resistant plants, bushes, vines, vegetables, organic vegetables, native Texas plants, succulents, cactus, and decorations. Most importantly, our team is happy to order plants or trees we don’t have for you. Lastly, several businesses and homeowners order trees and plants from us each year. Some of these same businesses also use our garden consultation service. We love helping local businesses specifically pick out the right plants.

Garden Center Organic And Regular Plant Seeds Available

botanical interest organic plant seeds

Terracotta and Talavera Pottery In Wimberley, Texas

Terracotta and talavera pottery are additionally available in the King Feed garden section. For instance, you can browse plant pots for tiny succulents to pot for large trees. You also can find just about every kind of plant pot, pottery style, and size to specifically fit your plant. Our goal is to save you a trip to the big city by keeping you in Wimberley and shopping local or Italian pottery. Also, we get a new order of colorful pottery monthly. As is seen from our gallery, you can browse terra cotta, talavera, plastic, galvanized, and fiber clay.

Garden Center and Nursery Vegetables or Deer-Resistant Plants


Browse deer-resistant plants, organic vegetables, vegetables, flowers, shrubs, and plants native to Texas in our garden section. If you want to protect your plants from deer, then we recommend netting or deer-resistant spray. Our garden and nursery inventory changes especially with the seasons, which should help you know when it’s time to plant your purchase. Once you arrive at the store, you will see we have every plant, tree, or vegetable there is for each season. Furthermore, we get these products from other massive nurseries here in the great state of Texas. Creekside Nursery is out of Hempsted, Texas, and altogether they supply about half of our garden section. Mortellaro’s Nursery is out of Schertz, Texas, and they likewise supply the other half of our garden section. At King Feed, we believe in supporting local Texas companies above all.

Garden and Nursery Succulents

Succulents and Cactus Garden Center and Nursery

Succulents and cactus have their very own section in our undoubtedly gorgeous garden and nursery. Furthermore, we carry small, medium, and large cactus and succulents. In fact, you can browse a beautiful variety of different succulents. When it comes to cactus, you can also find a great variety of different types.

cactus garden and nursery

Trees For Sale In Wimberley, Texas

Trees are for sale at the King Feed nursery and garden center in Wimberley, Texas. The most important thing to remember is that we can special order any kind of tree for you! At our tree nursery, you can browse a vast selection of trees to purchase for your home or business. If you’re looking for trees that flower, fruit trees, nut trees, or trees native to Texas, then King Feed is it. Furthermore, you can meet with our team to have trees shipped specifically to our store. Once it arrives at the store, we can help you get them home.

Trees Available May 2022:
Anacacho orchid tree
Arroyo sweetwood
Bald cypress
Bur oak
Cherry laurel
Chinese fringe tree
Crape myrtle
Cypress bald falling waters
Desert willow
Dwarf Alberta spruce spiral
Dwarf moringa
Eues necklace
Flame leaf sumac
Fragrant mimosa

Golden raintree
Lacey oak
Live oak
Mexican buckeye
Mexican red bud
Mexican sycamore
Mexican white oak
Mountain laurel
Red oak
Rough lead dogwood
Sierra oak
Texas cedar elm
Texas mountain laurel

Shrubs Available February 2022:
Henry’s garnet
Wax myrtle
Flowering senna
Jerusalem sage
Beach vitex
Texas sage
Button bush
Skeleton leaf goldeneye
Southern wood (artemisia)
Mexican oregano
Mexican hummingbird bush

garden and nursery trees for sale

Indoor Greenhouse Filled With Plants

garden and nursery greenhouse at king feed and hardware

Customers equally love walking into our greenhouse to get away from the cold or the sun. Altogether, this indoor section of the garden is full of gorgeous colors and plants that need special attention. With how often the weather changes in Texas, you will always find new plants in this section. You will love browsing our garden and nursery outdoor and especially the greenhouse section.