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The Best Garden Center Wimberley, Texas

garden center pottery wimberley, texas

King Feed has the best and biggest garden center and plant nursery to visit in Wimberley, Texas. As shown above, we have a lot of beautiful plants, pottery, trees, yard art, and outdoor furniture. Although, we might be a little biased with the “best” claim. We do have the largest garden store in the beautiful town of Wimberley. If you’re looking for landscaping and garden supplies, then you will love visiting our store. Overall, most of our outdoor garden section has shade produced by beautiful Oak Trees to block out the hot Texas sun. You will love browsing our deer-resistant plants, bushes, vines, vegetables, organic vegetables, native Texas plants, succulents, cactus, and decorations. Most importantly, our team is happy to order plants or trees we don’t have for you. Our local Wimberley plant store also carries Texas native wildflower seeds. Lastly, several businesses and homeowners order trees and plants from us each year. Some of these same businesses also use our garden consultation service. We love helping local businesses specifically pick out the right plants.

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on sale: strawberry fields potting soil
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Garden Store and Plant Nursery
Sales & Prices

4 Inch Vegetables Organic and Regular: $1.99
4 Inch Annuals: $1.99
4 Inch Perennials/Groundcovers: $2.99
4 Inch Herbs: $2.99
Quarter Nursery Pots: $3.99
6 Packs: $4.99
1 Gallon Plant: $8.99

June 2024 Garden Center Arrivals

The outdoor garden center is open, which includes vegetables, herbs, succulents, cactus, perennials, annuals, trees, flowers, bushes, outdoor decor, pottery, soils, compost, mulch, lawn care products, and vines.

  1. Drought resistant, full sun, or mosquito plants: Lantana Plants (yellow, white, purple red, confetti, pink, caprice), Red Yucca (hummingbirds love), Sage (purple, red, white, pink, red/white, pink/red, Vinca flowers, Marigold flowers.
  2. Pond Plants & Aquatic Plants: Hardy Aquatic Bundle: Spiral Rush (Cork Screw Rush), Japanese Lily, and Creeping Jenny, Cana Lily – 3 Gallon, Cana Lily – 4 Inch, Chameleon Plant, Creeping Jenny, Dwarf Umbrella Palm, Japanese Iris, Japanese Lily, Joseph’s Coat, Louisiana Water Iris, Pink Bells, Pink Pickerel Rush, Purple Waffle, Red Rotala, Red Water Duck, Spiral Rush (Cork Screw Rush), Water Lily Nymphaea: White, Pink, Yellow, Red.
  3. Hummingbird plants: Mandevilla vine, Salvia (Sage), Red Yucca, Mexican Fire Bush, Mexican Hummingbird Bush, Firecracker Fern, Calibrachoa Flowers, Tropic Vine, Cypress Vine, and Cross Vine.
  4. Spring Vegetables: Organic and regular tomatoes, peppers, bell peppers, onion sets, potatoes, mint, lettuce, broccoli, cilantro, and more.
  5. Spring Fruit: Strawberry plants, apple trees, peach trees, fig trees, pear trees, plum trees, blueberry, blackberry, and elderberry.
  6. Lawn Care Brands Available: Fox Farms, Medina, Hi-Yield, Miracle Gro, Natures Creation, Nelson Plant Food, Espoma Organic

Garden Center Organic And Regular Plant Seeds

All year long you can browse organic and regular seeds in our indoor garden center aisles. Botanical Interest is the brand of seeds that we carry in our retail store. Every year we get a new set of seeds in to replace the old seeds, which ensures successful growth.

botanical interest organic plant seeds

Native Plant Society of Texas Partner!

King Feed and Hardware is a partner of the Native Plant Society of Texas! This amazing foundation believes in keeping Texas naturally beautiful. “The NICE Native Plant Partners program (in some areas known as Operation NICE!) is a collaboration between the Native Plant Society of Texas and local nurseries around the state to offer natives that are right for the local environment.”

native plant society of texas partner

Terracotta and Talavera Pottery

In Wimberley, Texas

Terracotta and talavera pottery are additionally available in the King Feed garden section. For instance, you can browse plant pots for tiny succulents to pots for large trees. You also can find just about every kind of plant pot, pottery style, and size to specifically fit your plant. Our goal is to save you a trip to the big city by keeping you in Wimberley and shopping local or Italian pottery. Also, we get a new order of colorful pottery monthly. In addition, you can browse terra cotta, talavera, plastic, galvanized, and fiber clay pottery.

Garden Center Vegetables or Deer-Resistant Plants


Scout our garden section for a variety of deer-resistant plants, organic vegetables, flowers, shrubs, and native Texas plants. To safeguard your plants from deer – we recommend utilizing netting or deer-resistant spray. Our inventory rotates with the seasons, ensuring you find the perfect plants for planting time. Upon arrival, you’ll view an extensive selection of plants, trees, and vegetables for every season. We proudly source our products from reputable Texas nurseries, including Creekside Nursery in Hempstead and Mortellaro’s Nursery in Schertz. At King Feed, we prioritize supporting local Texas companies.

Garden and Nursery Succulents

Succulents and Cactus Garden Center and Nursery

Discover a dedicated section for succulents and cacti in our stunning garden center and plant nursery. You can browse a range of sizes, from small to large, for both cacti and succulents. Our diverse selection of beautiful succulents are always displaying unique shapes and colors. Additionally, our collection features a variety of cactus types, providing ample options for every enthusiast. Visit us to browse our gorgeous assortment and find the perfect succulents and cacti for your space.

cactus garden and nursery

Trees For Sale In Wimberley, Texas

Trees are for sale at the King Feed nursery and garden center in Wimberley, Texas. The most important thing to remember is that we can special order any kind of tree for you! At our tree nursery, you can browse a vast selection of trees to purchase for your home or business. If you’re looking for trees that flower, fruit trees, nut trees, or trees native to Texas, then King Feed is it. Furthermore, you can meet with our team to have trees shipped specifically to our store. Once it arrives at the store, we can help you get them home.

You will also love this Texas Tree Planting Guide provided by the Texas A&M Forest Service. It will help you find the perfect tree after answering a few questions.

Anna Apple Tree
Arroyo Sweetwood
Basham Crape Myrtle
Bur Oak
Cherry Laurel
Chinese Fringe Tree
Chinquapin Oak
Choctaw Pecan Tree
Dorsett Golden Apple Tree
Dwarf Alberta Spruce
Dynamite Crape Myrtle
Ein Shemer Apple Tree
Golden Raintree
Italian Cypress Tree
Kiowa Pecan Tree
Live Oak
Mexican Buckeye
Mexican Sycamore
Muskogee Crape Myrtle
Natchez Crape Myrtle
Peach Tree
Pear Tree
Red Delicious Apple Trees
Red Oak

Redbud Tree
Sierra Oak
Texas Cedar Elm
Texas Persimmon
Tuscarora Crape Myrtle
Vitex Chaste Tree

Shrubs Available
Agarita Shrub
Amelia Shrub
American Beauty Berry
Arroyo Sweetwood
Banana Shrub
Barbados Cherry Shrub
Button Bush
Clara Hawthorn Indian Shrub
Common Tree Senna
Coralberry Shrub
Dwarf Myrtle Shrub
Eleagnus Silver Berry Shrub
Flameleaf Sumac
Fragrant Mimosa
Hardy Red Oleander
Heavenly Cloud Texas Sage
Henry’s Garnet Shrub
Japanese Blueberry Shrub

Japanese Yew Shrub
Mexican Bish Sage
Nandina Shrub
Olive Arbequina Bush
Petite Pink Oleander
Pineapple Sage Shrub
Possumhaw Holly
Pride of Barbados
Primrose Jasmine Shrub
Red Tip Photinia
Rosemary Shrub
Salvia Spp
Sandankwa Viburnum
Split Leaf Pilodendron
Texas Mountain Laurel
Texas Persimmon
Texas Sage Shrub
Tropical Sage Shrub
Turk’s Cap Shrub
Tutti Fruitti Butterfly Bush
Variegated Privet Shrub
Viburnum Shrub
Wax Myrtle Shrub
Yaupon Holly Shrub
Yellow Oleander

garden and nursery trees for sale

Indoor Greenhouse Filled With Plants

garden and nursery greenhouse at king feed and hardware

Customers equally love walking into our greenhouse to get away from the cold or the sun. Altogether, this indoor section of the garden is full of gorgeous colors and plants that need special attention. With how often the weather changes in Texas, you will always find new plants in this section. You will love browsing our garden and nursery outdoor and especially the greenhouse section.