True Organic Fertilizer

True Organic Fertilizer at King Feed and Hardware


True Organic Fertilizer is at the King Feed and Hardware store in Wimberley, Texas. You can find seven different kinds of True Organic Fertilizer at this Wimberley garden store. All of these fertilizers are made with premium, natural and organic ingredients. Plus, these products are made in America by a family run business since 2003. This fertilizer is registered as a CDFA organic input material and OMRI Listed for organic use. Currently, we have the granular plant food and liquid plant food available at the store.

True Organics Granular Plant Food at King Feed

True Organics Herb & Leafy Greens Food

True Organics Berry Food

True Organics Citrus & Avocado Food

True Organics All Purpose Plant Food

True Organics Tomato & Vegetable Food

True Organics Annuals & Perennials Food

True Organics Rose & Flower Food

True Organics Liquid Plant Food at King Feed

True Organics Liquid Tomato & Vegetable Food

True Organics Liquid Bloom Boost

About The True Organics Brand

Here is what the brand says about themselves on their website. “We specialize in one thing: manufacturing the highest quality, ethically sourced organic plant foods and fertilizers, true to the way nature intended. We’re a group of people passionate about sustainability. In the face of climate change and biodiversity loss, replenishing our soil can play a vital role in sequestering carbon, improving water retention, and enhancing soil fertility. Because the more we give the soil, the more it gives back to us – with results you can see and taste.” We have so many people that love this brand in the Wimberley community. Plus, our employees love to use these products at their house for their plants. Our goal is to offer organic products and regular products to all of our customers. You can find these products inside our store in the garden section.