Starbar fly traps help you control flies where they feed, mate and, rest. Available with attractants designed to cater to specific fly species behavior, Starbar® sticky, jug, and bag traps provide effective fly control where you need it. Insect control starts with Starbar. From fly traps, baits, and sprays, Starbar® products are formulated to help you achieve a higher level of fly control in, on, and around your operation. Over the course of more than 40 years, Starbar® has earned the reputation of producing high quality and easy-to-use products that control a variety of insects. No matter the size of the operation, count on Starbar – the industry leader in effective insect control— to provide trusted solutions to clear out nuisance insects that cause problems. Starbar products have been producing high-quality solutions for more than 40 years to take care of insects, including flies. The QuikStrike Family of products are all you need to start eliminating these pests. Insects on your operation are a nuisance to you and your employees, but they also pose a threat to your animals and production, causing significant economic losses. Starbar fly baits offer superior control of nuisance and disease spreading flies on your operation.