Chainsaws and Pole Saws

New Pole Saws At The Store

Stihl Pole saws HT 131; Stihl Pile Saw HTA 135; Stihl Pole Saw HT 135

New Gas Chainsaws and Battery Chainsaws At The Store

Stihl Chainsaw MS 170; Stihl Chainsaw MS 171; Stihl Chainsaw MS 250; Stihl Chainsaw MS 251; Stihl Chainsaw MS 180 C; Stihl Chainsaw MS 271; Stihl Chainsaw MSA 120 C; Stihl Garden Pruner GTA 26; Stihl Chainsaw MS 261 C; Stihl Chainsaw MS 362; Stihl Chainsaw MS 400 C; Stihl Chainsaw MS 462; Stihl Chainsaw MS 311


Chainsaws and Pole Saws

Chainsaws and Pole Saws are always available at King Feed Garden and Hardware in Wimberley, Texas. You can browse Stihl and Echo chainsaws and pole saws at the store. We are official partners of Stihl and Echo, which means you can get your equipment delivered to our store. You can also browse Electric and Gas powered chainsaws and pole saws at our hardware store. Our store has all the chains, oils, lubricants, and fuels made specifically for Stihl and Echo equipment. If we don’t have the part or product you need, then we are happy to help you get it to our store. We hope to help those impacted by the February 2023 Ice Storm. Please don’t forget to use your

Gas Chainsaws and Pole Saws

As shown above, we do carry gas powered chainsaws and pole saws. We also carry all the replacement parts you might need for your gas chainsaws and pole saws. You can also browse these Stihl and Echo chainsaws and pole saws by size and weight.

Electric Chainsaws and Pole Saws

As has been noted, we also have electric chainsaws and pole saws at the store. Yes, you can also find replacement parts for your electric chainsaws and pole saws at the store.

Wimberley Texas Hardware Store

We also carry hatches and axes made by Stihl and Echo. Sometimes you need the old school tools to get your job done right. You will absolutely love all the tools that we have at the hardware store.