Choctaw tree is a great tree because of its beautiful foliage, scab resistance and high yields of large, high-quality pecans. Unfortunately, Choctaw requires the very best soil and management; otherwise, it will fail. Nuts/lb – 38; percent kernel – 59. Thin hull, large and attractive. Nut is high in oil content. Good residential lawn tree. Plant with another pecan variety for best production. Botanical Name
Carya illinoensis ‘Choctaw’

Full sun

60-80′ H x 60-80′ W

Hardy to -20ÁF

Keep moist until established. Needs average water during the growing season and more during times of drought. The nut is large and attractive, resembling the Stuart variety in shape. The hull is extra thin. The kernel, which consists of 58% of the total weight of the inshell nut, is very smooth, high in oil content, bright in color, and rich in flavor.

The tree’s upright habit of growth and good foliage makes it a good selection for yard plantings as well as commercial plantings. The Choctaw is protandrous in blooming (late pollen shedding). This variety is easy to shell. This variety is the result of a cross between the Mahan and Success varieties. This variety does well in practically all pecan growing areas.