Botanical Interest Seeds

As organic gardeners ourselves, we wanted to make organic gardening accessible by providing easy-to-follow organic gardening advice and an ever-expanding selection of organic varieties. We were early signers of the Safe Seed Pledge which states “…we do not knowingly buy, sell, or trade genetically-engineered seeds or plants” and our seeds are tested by the Non-GMO Verified Project which looks for genetically engineered (GMO) contamination in seeds that can occur when plants cross-pollinate. Our seeds are not treated, and our packets never contain fillers—just high-quality seeds you can count on.

We’ve got only one planet Earth, and as organic gardeners we are always looking for products and gardening methods that keep that in mind. From our recycled and biodegradable paper pots to our sustainably harvested garden stakes, and BPA-free sprouter, all are made responsibly in the USA.